Psychedelic Industry Events Calendar




February 18, 2023

The Psychedelic Athenæum grand opening (feat. Dennis McKenna)

The Psychedelic Assembly

New York, NY


February 27, 2023

The Cannabis & Psychedelics Investment Summit

Coral Gables, Florida


March 16, 2023

Bay Area Psychedelic Science Symposium

Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute @ Stanford University

Stanford, CA

9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. PDT


March 19-20, 2023

ECNP New Frontiers Meeting: Psychedelics

Nice, France


March 30-April 02, 2023

Convergence by Psychedelic Today

Los Angeles, CA


April 13, 2023

Benzinga Psychedelics Conference

Miami Beach, Florida


April 13-14, 2023

International Conference on Psychedelics and Psychedelic Pharmacology

Chengdu, China


April 19, 2023

Panel on the use of AI and other cutting-edge methods to discover new psychedelic compounds

Oxford Psychedelic Society

Balliol College (Oxford, England)


April 20-22, 2023

Breaking Convention

University of Exeter (Exeter, UK)


May 5-7, 2023

Catalyst Summit: 4th annual Conference on Psychedelic Medicine

Queen’s University (Kington, Ontario, Canada)


May 15-16, 2023

3rd annual Psychedelic Therapeutics & Drug Development Conference

San Francisco, CA


May 18-22, 2023

American Association of Psychedelics Annual Conference

Knoxville, Tennessee


May 19-20, 2023


Portland, Oregon


June 08, 2023

Explorations in Consciousness: Death, Psychedelics, and Mystical Experience

New York Academy of Medicine (NYC)


June 17-25, 2023

Psychedelic Science

Denver, CO


June 20, 2023

World Psychedelics Day


July 06, 2023

PSYCH Symposium

British Museum (London, England)


July 13-15, 2023

PhilaDelic: Conference on the Interdisciplinary Frontiers of Psychedelic Studies

University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)


August 31 – September 03, 2023

Insight Conference on Psychedelics

Berlin, Germany


September 14-16, 2023

Detroit Mind Symposium

Detroit, Michigan


October 14-15, 2023

Meet Delic

Area 15 art complex (Las Vegas, NV)



October 26-27, 2023

Sana Symposium



December 10-13, 2023

Psychedelic Medicine

Tel Aviv, Israel