For those of you who have dived into the wonders of DMT, you may be investigating this article to see how sex on DMT is physically possible. Just as DMT helps you expand your consciousness, you must proceed on this topic with an open and inquisitive mind. Exploring DMT may allow you to reconsider the construct of what SEX is altogether.

What is DMT?

As Reality Sandwich’s DMT Resources describe them, N,N-DMT and 5-MeO-DMT are extremely potent and short-acting entheogens found naturally in the plant and animal kingdoms. For thousands of years, N,N-DMT has been an essential ingredient in ayahuasca, an Amazonian brew that shamans administer, made of plant-sourced DMT and MAOIs. On the other hand, 5-MeO-DMT is a chemical relative of DMT found in the South American psychedelic snuff called yopo. The Colorado River toad produces it in its venomous secretions. Besides effecting a profound spiritual reorientation, these compounds produce transformational experiences. These experiences enable the capacity to deeply heal disorders of the mind and body. In addition, they connect us with realms unimaginable in everyday consciousness.

Florencia Bollini, an expert in DMT dosing and ceremonies, explains this medicine as follows:

The God Molecule, also known as 5-MeO-DMT, is the most powerful consciousness expander and neurotransmitter in the world. It’s a naturally occurring entheogen molecule present in all living beings, including the Bufo alvarius toad. It’s common for those who undergo the God Molecule experience to report profound changes in ontological perspectives, as well as a strong sense of self, increased awareness, and an expanded state of consciousness. Many attest to experiencing the void, feeling remarkable elevations in mood, and finding unseen senses of calm and peace of mind. Some experience full-body orgasms and the activation of sexual energy along the spinal cord. The experience has proven effective at helping people quit even the most stubborn addictions, inciting powerful emotional releases, and sparking mystical and transcendental experiences.

What is Sex?

As the Merriam Webster Dictionary defines it, sex is either of the two major forms of individuals that occur in many species and that are distinguished respectively as female or male, especially on the basis of their reproductive organs and structures. On the other hand, Webster defines intercourse as physical sexual contact between individuals that involves the genitalia of at least one person.

Sexual intercourse is a psychedelic journey on its own! Just as you would on a psychedelic trip, you first consensually ingest the medicine, then you go on a journey, climax, come down, then lastly, integrate. It is, in fact, the psychedelic journey that initiates life. If DMT is in all living things it behooves us to explore how these two worlds are related.

Below is a story from an anonymous psychonaut who has taken this exploration with well-rounded intentions. Her experience can be admired and replicated with future explorations.

Sex on DMT: A Grand Story

I’ve never had sex on DMT, nor do I think it is psychically possible, but I’m extremely happy to be able to share how my first DMT experience changed my perspective of love, sex, and death.

To better understand my experience I must tell you the series of events that led up to it.

In the pursuit of reshaping my relationship with sex and healing past traumas, I decided to practice celibacy for an extended time. Through this practice, I realized how much my identity depended on sexual validation from others—in my case specifically, the sexual validation of the male population. I wanted to have a deeper understanding of this desire and why it has the ability to break the human spirit. I knew I couldn’t run from this feeling. Instead, I needed to redesign the way I perceived sex. I wanted to transmute this never-ending lustful void into a harmonious exchange of natural sexual energy, as natural as a flower attracts a bee.

In order to find harmony with others, I knew I needed first to fine-tune myself. I took a deep dive into my own instrument in order to align the aspect of myself that I felt was only worthy when given to others. This was indeed a dangerous perspective that led to never-ending amounts of unreciprocated love and many toxic relationships.

Alongside my celibacy journey, I practiced other forms of introspection, such as experimenting with the entheogenic plant, psilocybin. These explorations helped me recognize and be at peace with the dark side of myself. After many moons of research and exploration of my voids, I felt ready to take the next leap in my healing journey. The burning had been done; now it was time for a total rebirth. It was at this moment that I called in this “Spirit Molecule ” everyone kept speaking about. After I called in DMT, it presented itself to me no less than a week later.

DMT came in the form of a gift from an extremely kindhearted and educated man whom I love and trust with my life. He was born and raised in the desert and presented DMT with such self-knowing. After doing my own research, I knew how important it was to have your first experience with DMT be with someone you love and trust. He gave me incremental doses to acclimate me to the medicine. When I was ready, he dosed out two large hits for both of us.

After smoking the large doses, our bodies held each other close as our spirits dove into the ether together. At that moment, his train arrived at the station I had been constructing for lifetimes. My station gave purpose to the train he had been conducting for eons. Our energies angulated with each other, existing outside of space and time. We were in a dimension where love, sex, life, and death existed as one. Where living turns into dying and dying turns into living. It was the perfect equilibrium of receiving to giving. We were surfing upon a wave of a cosmic orgasm that existed completely outside of physical touch. It was the wave of existence, the reason the bee is naturally attracted to the flower.

We came down from what was about a 5–10 minute trip, but at that point, time didn’t exist. I opened my eyes with a primitive understanding of the nature of sex, love, and death. I looked into my trip companion’s eyes as if we had just experienced the most sacred of lovemaking, and I knew from the way he looked back at me that we had. With a magnetic attraction, he pulled me into his lips, and as one we spiraled into a jungle of electric life that lit up every single cell in our bodies. I thought to myself, this must be how Jane felt when Tarzan swooped her up from her structured societal research.

To reiterate: no, I’ve never had intercourse on DMT. From the out-of-body experience I had, I truly don’t think it is possible. However, DMT allowed me to experience and understand what true lovemaking was. It helped me redesign this deeply embedded perspective of sex I had. I now see that sex isn’t a void you need to fill, but rather how existence fills the void with its cyclical wave of Love, Sex, Life, and Death.

For those of you who are curious, my trip companion is now my life partner, and we are extremely in love. Supporting, honoring, and exploring the infinite life force within each other.

—Anonymous Psychonaut


  1. Don’t try DMT until you’re ready. When you are truly ready and your intentions are in the right spot, it will come to you.
  2. Make sure your guide or trip companion is someone who has both education and experience with DMT.
  3. Don’t go from zero to 100. Acclimate your body to DMT first before you blast off into the ether.
  4. DMT alone is a very sexual experience. If you are called to experience it, do so with someone you love and trust.
  5. Taking DMT is an extremely sensual and healing experience. Make sure you are in a comfortable and safe setting.
  6. Physical intercourse may not be possible with DMT; if you are with a loving and CONSENSUAL partner you could try to have sex on DMT. However, from what we have read in the above experience, DMT allows you to connect deeply to others on different planes and in different dimensions. This results in a newly formed appreciation for the complex nature of sex.
  7. Love, sex, life, and death are all the same energy presenting itself in different weather patterns. DMT may just be the Doppler radar to understand the nature of these patterns, and how best to endure the storms while we are still in these human temples.
  8. DMT may make you fall in love in many ways. With falling come bumps and bruises, so be sure you are ready. It may also cause you to rise in love.
  9. Love and Trust. Trust in yourself. In your companion. The sacred medicine. The journey.


Niki is a social and arts entrepreneur who specializes in project and creative production development. With her passion for social structures and the arts, she has been involved in the architecture of performance and festival culture around the country. In rapidly changing times she is now taking her passion for these sub-cultures and sharing them with us in our digital atmosphere through her writing and content development. Some of her favorite parts of life are coffee, campfires, and contemplating the mysteries of existence. Feel free to follow her on Insta @itsnikiperl

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