The Nature of Drugs (2021) Sasha Shulgin
A Celebration of the Pioneering Legacy of Sasha and Ann Shulgin
Saturday June 26 and Sunday June 27, 2021
This is a virtual symposium which will be held on Zoom courtesy of City Lights Books. Click the link in the event description for info.


City Lights in conjunction with Transform Press and Synergetic Press present

A Celebration Of The Pioneering Legacy of Sasha and Ann Shulgin

Ann and Sasha Shulgin

Saturday, June 26, 2021

12pm – 2pm Pacific / Session 1: The Shulgin’s Pioneering Psychedelic Research

Host: Peter Maravelis, introduction to event and reflections on City Lights relationship to consciousness studies
Moderator: Bob Jesse – researcher, engineer, convener of the Council on Spiritual Practices (
Brigitte and Stanislav Grof – Stan Grof is the world’s leading researcher in psychedelic therapy, breathwork, and the exploration of non-ordinary states of consciousness, with wife and psychotherapist, Brigitte
Dr. David Nichols – co-founder Heffter Institute, Chair in Pharmacology at the Purdue University College of Pharmacy
Dr. Paul Daley – Chief Science Officer and Chemist, Alexander Shulgin Research Institute
Ann Shulgin
Wendy Tucker – Publisher, Transform Press, daughter of Ann Shulgin
Connie Littlefield –  filmmaker, producer “Better Living Through Chemistry,” documentary
Earth and Fire Erowid – cofounders of the non-profit Erowid Center, largest and most visited collection of information about psychoactives on the web

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3pm – 5pm Pacific / Session 2: Stories from the Edge: Trailblazers in Psychopharmacology

Moderator: Dr. Mariavittoria Mangini – family nurse midwife for 25 years, author of numerous papers on historiography and social impacts of psychedelics
Allan Badiner – editor of Zig Zag Zen: Buddhism and Psychedelics 
Erika Dyck – Professor and a Canada Research Chair in the History of Health & Social Justice
Dr. George Greer – psychotherapist, cofounder Heffter Research Institute, and Requa Greer, nurse practitioner, pioneers in MDMA medical research
Dennis McKenna – ethnobotanist, author, founder of the McKenna Academy of Naturalist Philosophy
Keeper Trout – ethnobotanist, conservationsist, curator the Shulgin Archive Project

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William Leonard Pickard bio

Sunday, June 27, 2021

12:00pm – 2:00pm Pacific / Session 3: Currents in Psychedelic Research & Regulation

Moderator: Hamilton Morris – chemist, filmmaker, and science journalist
Dr. Rick Doblin – cofounder, CEO, MAPS and John Gilmore, Chairman, MAPS, cofounder Electronic Frontier Foundation
Amanda and Cosmo Feilding – Founder and Executive Director of the Beckley Foundation and Cosmo Feilding, CEO, Beckley Psytech, Limited
Leonard Pickard –  chemist, author, former research associate in neurobiology at Harvard Medical School, and Deputy Director of the Drug Policy Analysis Program at UCLA
Dr. Paul Daley – CEO, Chemist, Alexander Shulgin Research Institute and Dr. Nick Cozzi – professor of pharmacology, research scientist
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3:00pm – 5:00pm Pacific / Session 4:    Psychedelic Psychotherapy & Social Impact

Moderator: Dr. Janis Phelps – Dean of Faculty at CIIS for the graduate departments in the School of Humanities and Social Science; founder and director of the CIIS Center for Psychedelic Therapies and Research
Dr. David Presti – director of UC Berkeley Center for the Science of Psychedelics, neurobiologist, psychologist, and cognitive scientist
Dr. Kile Ortigo – clinical psychologist and founder of the Center for Existential Exploration, author of Beyond the Narrow Life: A Guide For Psychedelic Integration and Existential Exploration
Dr. Bill Richards –  psychologist in the Psychiatry Department of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, consultant/trainer at sites of psychedelic research internationally
Annie Oak – Managing Editor, Lucid News, journalist, long-time public health activist, developed risk reduction strategies for event organizers; cofounder of Woman’s Visionary Council

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6:00pm – 8:00pm Pacific / Session 5: Towards a Sane and Healthy Future

Moderator: Mike Margolies – psychedelic community catalyst and conversation creator; Founder of Psychedelic Seminars (
Bob Jesse – researcher, engineer, convener of the Council on Spiritual Practices (
Michael Pollan – NYTimes bestselling author of How to Change Your Mind, cofounder UC Berkeley Center for the Science of Psychedelics
Ann Shulgin author, collaborator with Sasha Shulgin, with her daughter, Wendy Tucker – Publisher, Transform Press
Dr. Julie Holland – psychiatrist specializing in psychopharmacology, author of numerous books, most recent Good Chemistry: The Science of Connection, From Soul to Psychedelics

Closing statements with Dr. Paul DaleyAnn & Wendy & Trout – and the work of the Shulgin Foundation and forthcoming publications

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