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Globally recognized law firm Zuber Lawler, one of the most selective law firms in the United States, represents clients throughout the world from offices in Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, and Silicon Valley. In addition to representing a long list of Fortune companies, as well as funds and government entities, Zuber Lawler has represented leading cannabis and psychedelic companies for over 14 years. Zuber Lawler is uniquely situated to manage plant medicine IPOs; M&A and other deals; intellectual property; FDA and other regulatory work, and litigation. The firm’s attorney roster is stacked with bioscience PhDs and engineers. Its attorneys work in languages covering 90% of the world’s population. We recently did a Q&A with Tom Zuber, one of the founding partners and the Managing Partner of Zuber Lawler, which will be featured in our upcoming Industry Report.

Zuber Lawler

Zuber Lawler is a Forward Focused Law Firm Ready for the Future

Zuber Lawler’s leadership consists of futurists, like Managing Partner Tom Zuber and lead M&A partner Josh Lawler. One of the most important elements of the Zuber Lawler practice that positions them for success is their progressive, forward-leaning, technology-focused strategy. They are an oddity amongst law firms due to their unique ability to forecast what the world will look like 3, 10 or even 20 years from now. From E-sports, VR and blockchain to quantum computing, cannabis and psychedelic medicine, the Zuber Lawler team is ready for a rapidly changing world economy that will increasingly be driven by emerging industries and technologies. The Zuber Lawler team understands that the world is going to look very different relatively soon, and it’s prepared to help their clients embrace the future by navigating psychedelics-related legal terrain better than their competitors.

The Highly Skilled & Deeply Experienced team at Zuber Lawler is Ready to Help the Psychedelic Industry Face a Diversity of Challenges

Zuber Lawler’s attorney roster meets industry-leading attorney-selectivity standards, and includes a deep bench of bioscience PhDs and engineers. Their deal attorneys have helped plant medicine companies go public, acquire other companies, finance their growth, protect and enforce their technology and brands, and litigate their interests around the world. Most psychedelic compounds are still prohibited at the federal level here in the United States, and by most countries around the world.  Zuber Lawler’s experience relating to plant medicines will facilitate optimal navigation of existing and future legal terrain relating to psychedelics.

Zuber Lawler Global Does Work Across Languages that Spans 90% of the Globe

As legalization of psychedelics continues to spread across the United States and around the world, the psychedelics conversation will increasingly become a global conversation.  Zuber Lawler’s attorneys here in the United States work in languages covering 90% of the world’s population.  Furthermore, Zuber Lawler’s international network Zuber Lawler Global consists of hundreds of attorneys throughout the world, including leading plant medicine attorneys.  The firm is well positioned to facilitate psychedelics deals and matters across sovereign borders as the global psychedelics industry continues to mature.

Zuber Lawler

Passionate Advocates for the Responsible Development of the Psychedelics Industry

To the Zuber Lawler team, psychedelics are poised to not only to drive that future global economy, but also to remedy the human condition and alleviate human suffering.  One of the keys to realizing the potential of psychedelics to remedy the human condition and alleviate human suffering is the responsible development of a legal psychedelics industry.  The attorneys at Zuber Lawler are committed to this responsible development of the legal psychedelics industry.  It’s good for business and good for humanity.

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