psygen industries psychedelic substances

When it comes to the emerging psychedelic industry, one company leading the charge is Psygen Industries. Currently at the forefront of producing medical grade psilocybin for clinical research, Psygen Industries is already producing quality products for several institutions in the space. Here are three key takeaways from their January Psychedelic Capital Presentation

psygen industries psychedelic substances

Key Takeaway #1: Psygen is ready to face the early challenges of the nascent psychedelic space3

The emerging psychedelic space faces several challenges, not the least of which include the fact this emerging space is working with controlled substances. To effectively maneuver this challenge, Psygen has applied for a Health Canada Dealers License for the manufacture, sale, import, export, and analysis of psilocybin, MDMA, DMT, LSD, 2C-B, and mescaline. By working towards obtaining an official license for the sale, import, export and analysis of psychedelic medicines, Psygen is ahead of the pack in their ability to robustly create these powerful, life changing drugs within a legal and effective framework. Despite these early challenges faced by the nascenet psychedelic sector, Pysgen intends to be in psychedelic supply chain solutions and is committed to supporting the renaissance in research and clinical treatment of a wide variety of mental health issues.

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psygen industries psychedelic substances

Key Takeaway #2:Psygen provides non-exclusive access to psychedelic drug substances for clinical research and therapeutic applications

Another one of the key takeaways from Psygen’s engaging Psychedelic Capital presentation was the fact they provide non-exclusive access to psychedelic drug substances for clinical research and therapeutic applications. Unlike other producers of psychedelic substances for research purposes, Psygen does not limit access to the psychedelic substances they produce, allowing them to provide psychedelic substances to a variety of institutions conducting research into their therapeutic potential. With world leading research institutions, such as Johns Hopkins, NYU and the Imperial College of London conducting groundbreaking research into the potential of these substances, Pysgen has incredible potential to provide these substances to a variety of clients. Indeed, they are currently at capacity with the number of orders they already have. The 6000 square foot lab they are currently building will also help them powerfully scale the production of these substances for research.


Key Takeaway #3: Psygen is helping serve massive unmet medical needs across the globe

The Coronavirus has sharply exposed serious limitations in our approach to treating mental illness. Conditions such as major depressive disorder, cancer related anxiety, and PTSD are currently seriously underserved populations with millions of people struggling across the globe. Since current treatments are not effective for a large portion of patients, there is a significant need for finding new treatments to fill this gap. Psychedelic medicine is poised to be that solution as the current research significantly indicates their promise in radically treating these conditions. Considering this massive untapped market of underserved patients, Psygen is already ahead of the curve by providing psychedelic substances to various institutions investigating their therapeutic potential in treating mental illness. As this research continues to expand, there will be a significant need for lab grade psychedelic substances. By being leaders in the psychedelic space, Psygen is already poised to supply the increasing demand for psychedelic compounds and is soon ready to scale production at an exponential rate. They are certainly ready to help the world meet these significant unmet medical needs.


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psygen industries psychedelic substances

Looking Ahead for Psygen 

The team at Psygen is a leading player in the psychedelic industry by producing lab grade psychedelic substances for clinical research. As demand for these compounds grows for research purposes, Pysgen is ready to scale production and continue to provide lab grade GMP psychedelic substances. Their dynamic presentation at our January Psychedelic Capital event helped spotlight their significant progress and contributions to the psychedelic space. Investors, clinicians and psychedelic enthusiasts alike will surely be watching Psygen’s progress

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