As the psychedelic renaissance barrels forward, opening up new opportunities in the mental health sector, the “shroom boom” is undoubtedly attracting major attention. The potential psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, has to revolutionize mental health treatment alone is one of the biggest promises this modern renaissance has to offer. One company at the forefront of psilocybin production is Shroom Bloom, a novel mushroom cultivation company founded by pioneers in the space. Here are three key takeaways from their January 2021 Psychedelic Capital presentation.

Shroom Bloom psychedelic capital magic mushrooms

Key Takeaway #1: Shroom Bloom Co-Founders Are Pioneers in the Mushroom Growing Industry

When it comes to growing GMP psychedelic mushrooms at scale, experience matters. Shroom Bloom Co-Founders, Patrick and Isabela Lemieux, have been mushroom growers for over 15 years and have started multiple ventures in the burgeoning mushroom sector. Patrick took on the unique challenge of automating mushroom processes using industrial robotics. This ultimately led him to combine his passion for mycology with his mechatronic experience to create the next generation of AI controlled mushroom growing systems. Isabela has utilized her engineering, digital technology, and IoT experience to design the industry 5.0 smart factory of the future. Combined, Isabela and Patrick’s deep experience as master mycologist growers gives them, and Shroom Bloom, a powerful edge in this rapidly emerging mushroom industry.

Shroom Bloom psychedelic capital magic mushrooms

Key Takeaway #2: There is Already Incredible Unmet Legal Demand for Psilocybin  

Psychedelic mushrooms may still be illegal to obtain for the general public, but its use in clinical research is a different story. The legal demand for psychedelic mushrooms is currently extraction labs and clinical researchers. In fact, there are already starting to be shortages and waitlists in obtaining psilocybin mushrooms for clinical studies. As more groundbreaking studies demonstrate the incredible potential psilocybin has to transform mental healthcare, this demand is only expected to increase. The GMP psilocybin supply chain is a fundamental part of the psychedelic movement and, more specifically, their use in clinical research. With scientific research being the crux of the modern psychedelic renaissance and the demand for GMP psilocybin on the rise, companies like Shroom Bloom are poised to dominate the market and take things to the next level.

Shroom Bloom psychedelic capital magic mushrooms

Key Takeaway #3: Low Cost, Large-Scale Production Sets Shroom Bloom Apart from the Pack 

Shroom Bloom Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Patrick Lemieux, mentioned at our Psychedelic Capital presentation in January, that the key to growing mushrooms consistently and repeatability at a low cost, “you need to build the technology from the ground up, because it doesn’t exist yet”. GMP compliant and large volumes of production is what sets Shroom Bloom apart from the rest. In fact, the Shroom Bloom team is working with Numinus to get Health Canada approval. This will allow them to continue to produce a standardized product with a low cost model and standardized GMP product. Shroom Bloom’s highly efficient, intelligent design is streamlined to move fast and produce GMP mushrooms at high margins. Their 5000 square foot space allows them to produce 100,000 kilograms of fresh mushrooms, which yields 80 grams of psilocybin. Unlike cannabis, there is still a need for novel technology to help ramp up production of psilocybin containing mushrooms. Their team is ready to take on that challenge and lead the charge forward in this space. 

Shroom Bloom psychedelic capital magic mushrooms

A Look Ahead for Shroom Bloom

In addition to the exciting technological progress the Shroom Bloom team is making, they are also currently raising money to help fund their operations and take things to the next level. As psychedelic medicine continues to make its mark in modern society, the team at Shroom Bloom is ready to help push the industry forward in big ways. From their large scale, low-cost production methods to their experienced team of veteran mycologists and more, the Shroom Bloom team is poised for success.

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