We’d like to introduce a new weekly get-to-know-you-style blog series, Psychedelic Guides, interviewing some of the psychedelic industry’s most influential and impactful individuals. This week’s Psychedelic Guide is Cody Shandraw, Director for Ambria Capital. Founded in 2019 by a team of investment professionals with decades of success in the small-cap markets, Ambria combines a comprehensive analytical approach with an unparalleled network of contacts, connecting industry leaders with market opportunities.

When did you first become involved in the psychedelic industry and why?

For work, by the end of 2019 things started to get serious. Obviously, I understood the potential for the reduction of harm with all the diseases of despair as I have people who are close to me that would be able to benefit from the progression in the industry.

Do you, or have you taken, psychedelic substances?

Anyone curious about this information is welcome to join me for a coffee one day and we can discuss it in-depth in person; I’m in South Florida.

What’s your favourite psychedelic compound?

I think most naturally occurring entheogens have an application if they are used accurately under the correct supervision in the appropriate setting.

Do your parents/family members know what you’re doing?

Yes, they do! My wife and both parents are extremely supportive of not only what I’m doing but also the industry as a whole. Being from Western New York both parents have seen the impact of addiction and depression. They understand the potential ramifications this blossoming renaissance can have. My mom was so curious she has even become an investor in some of the public companies.

Have you had an experience with mental health/chronic pain?

Not personally but many people close to me have. It’s one of the driving forces of my dedication to the industry.

What’s your vision of the industry in 20 years?

Besides destigmatizing the compounds themselves and the people who study and use them I am hoping for three separate things, first and foremost the ability to understand and hopefully treat addiction. Secondly, the hope that depression can not only be cured, but its effects reversed. And finally, (this may be a little selfish) but to have a better understanding of what is consciousness.

What are your biggest worries for the industry?

That the potential healing properties and scientific interest in existing and new entheogens will be corrupted for less than noble pursuits.

Who are your heroes?

If we are talking about the industry Rick Doblin, Roland Griffiths, Bob Jesse, Charles “Bob” Schuster, Timothy Leary, Humphry Osmond, and many others have escaped my mind at this point in time. If we are talking about my personal life my wife Lauren, my parents Mark and Lou, and too many other siblings and family members to list.

If you could create a psychedelic to do anything you wanted, what would it do?

I hope we are already getting close to this so there is no need to reinvent the wheel but to remove the burden/pain of addiction from not only the person suffering from that addiction but also the family members and friends that are affected by it.


We’d like to thank Cody for being a part of the Psychedelic Guides series. Stay tuned for weekly profiles on leaders in the psychedelic industry.

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