This week’s Psychedelic Spotlight is The Conscious Fund. The Conscious Fund invests in global early-stage ventures in psychedelic medicine, helping deliver better outcomes for mental health, addiction, and pain.

What’s your company vision?

To invest in the leading psychedelic medicine companies globally.

Why was your company started?

To invest, support and grow the most promising psychedelic medicine start-ups.

What’s been the biggest challenge so far?

Building meaningful relationships in a virtual setting is a new skill all VCs have had to learn quickly. Ensure your looking at tomorrow’s market and not just today’s.

What excites you most?

Knowing the impact that capital that is well deployed can create.

What is your biggest lesson learned when raising capital?

Patience mixed with persistence is key.

Did you notice any type of investor differences while raising money?

We look at the market globally. Investors can often be very focused on domestic matters such as regulatory trends. Ensuring your pitch covers their market can help win them over.

Describe your business model in 10 words or less

Two on twenty (the business model of VC)

What tips would you give founders entering fundraising?

Build relationships. Build trust. Make fundraising a two-way process. Don’t take money from people who are not aligned to your vision or way of thinking. Ask investors for a reference of what they are like to work with. Like they will ask of you.


We’d like to thank The Conscious Fund for being a part of the Psychedelic Spotlight series. Stay tuned for weekly profiles on leaders in the psychedelic industry, and check out the Psychedelic Directory to learn more about The Conscious Fund.

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