In this episode, Kyle Buller and Michelle Janikian interview return guest, Manesh Girn: Ph.D. candidate in Neuroscience at McGill University and co-author of over a dozen scientific publications, most recently on the neurocognitive processes behind creative thinking and the potentiality for psychedelics to enhance creativity. Girn explains neuroplasticity and how it relates to the default-mode, salience, and other networks; how his paper maps the similarities between psychedelic mindstates, dream states, and different types of thought; the distinctions between objective, subjective, spontaneous, and deliberate creativity; the difference between psychological and cognitive flexibility; how it’s an oversimplification to so strongly attribute ego dissolution to default-mode network interconnectivity, how psilocybin affected people’s creativity and perceived insightfulness in a recent study inspired by his paper, and more! While many episodes of Psychedelics Today are either science or philosophy-heavy, this episode is a great mixture of both.

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