In this episode, Kyle Buller interviews psychiatrist, co-founder/CEO of Brooklyn Minds, and co-host of the Clubhouse show, New Frontiers: Carlene MacMillan, M.D. She talks about the importance of setting up the infrastructure to be able to handle the impending legality of psychedelics and the importance of insurance companies being able to cover them, and how many clinicians don’t want to offer ketamine because of costs but will offer Spravato due to insurance coverage. And she discusses how medicine needs to move from the procedure-based, fee-for-service model toward value-based care, why self-insured employers can be more flexible around mental health care, how the intentions of good people at insurance companies are halted by bureaucracy, the notion of nonprofits all being good (and for-profits all being bad), why public benefit companies are better for the future, and how we need to apply the same multidisciplinary approach we take in medicine toward our ideal vision of legal psychedelic care.

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