In this episode, Joe Moore interviews Boston-based teacher, coach, facilitator, and podcaster, Gibrán Rivera. Rivera talks about the importance and benefits of group process: How we’re in a crisis of meaning and connection, and group work creates the structure of belonging so many people need. And they dig into the spectrum of healing itself: How so much Western psychedelic work is hyper-individualized, but over time, with spiritual maturation and self-sovereignty, the act of helping others can become a necessary part of one’s own healing journey. And he discusses a lot more: How the recent focus on toxic masculinity, to many, has felt like a demonization of any masculinity; his “What Should White People Do?” project; how trauma can be weaponized; the idea of saying ‘congratulations’ to news of divorce; how social movements often give people a license to hate; the dangers of focusing too much on the abstractions in psychedelic trips; rites of passage; Holotropic Breathwork; and the importance of shaking your hips.

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