In this episode, Joe Moore interviews Rebecca Kronman, LCSW: Brooklyn-based therapist offering ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, writer, and founder of Plant Parenthood: a digital platform investigating (and de-stigmatizing) the relationship between family and psychedelics. She dives into the very controversial topics of psychedelics and parenthood and psychedelics and pregnancy, discussing the safety concerns; the difficulties of drawing conclusions from inadequate data; the many confounding factors in analyzing children born of psychedelic-using parents; the near impossibility of ethically researching the outcomes of pregnancy and psychedelic use; and why, when you consider the multitude of prescription drugs and unnatural foods so many of us consume, does the idea of a mother taking a psychedelic during pregnancy feel so wrong to so many? And they talk about affinity groups, the concept of considering psychedelics as life-saving medicine, the societal scrutiny mothers face, harm reduction, the idea of addiction being a complication of PTSD, drug exceptionalism, and how disclosing drug use to your children is a great opportunity to move the conversation into one of both compassion and injustice.

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