In this episode, Joe Moore travels to the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia for a rare in-person interview with chemist, filmmaker, science journalist, and go-to media consultant, Hamilton Morris. They cover a lot: Hamilton’s early realizations of how ill-informed the media was about psychedelics; his time at Vice and how being a journalist gave him a license for curiosity; why he was most interested in covering the substances people were comfortable hating; respectability politics and how only showing what helps the movement is propaganda; Ken Nelson; how we can learn from watching people do salvia on YouTube; PCP advocate and Process Church alum, Timothy Wyllie; how people attribute more to chemical makeup than their own psychology; and why it’s unnecessary (and potentially dangerous) to embrace the narrative that you need to suffer (and do so with a shaman) to truly heal. They talk a lot about his two 5-MeO episodes of Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia (with Hamilton explaining the chemical difference between toad-derived and plant-derived 5-MeO) and they talk about his relationship with Compass Pathways and how it’s leading to the creation of many new drugs.

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