In this episode, Joe Moore and Kyle Buller interview famed anthropologist and author (most notably of The Cosmic Serpent), Jeremy Narby. He is also the Amazonian projects director for Nouvelle Planète, a nonprofit organization that promotes the economic and cultural empowerment of Indigenous peoples through demarcation of land. Narby talks about how Humphry Osmond and political anthropology led him to psychedelics, and how he realized people in the states had started speaking highly of the ecological knowledge of Indigenous people of the Amazon without ever talking about the hallucinogenic way they attained that knowledge (and how he felt it was his place to start talking about it). He also discusses anthropology and subjectivity; Richard Evans Schultes; the problem with trying to substantiate hallucinations; the West’s focus on “the active ingredient” and how ayahuasca is much more than drinkable DMT; the overuse and microdosing of ayahuasca; the entourage effect and how it’s excluded by the “DMT explains everything” hypothesis; why vine-only ayahuasca needs to be researched more; and the differences in how people react to LSD vs. ayahuasca or psilocybin (do the natural drugs have a trickster spirit in them that doesn’t like some people?).

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