In this episode, Joe Moore was in Las Vegas for the Meet Delic conference, and, inspired by Jesse Gould’s presentation, decided to record an episode with three veteran friends for a special Veterans Day release. While they chose to keep their names and personal details anonymous, they share a lot about the military and the difficulties of transitioning back into civilian life. They talk about drug use in the military; how little there is in the way of a transition process; how much families are affected by the mental health of someone on deployment; how challenging it is for someone who has good mental health practices in play to be able to continue them once in the service; and how the normal mind state for most soldiers is a combination of tucking all emotions and anxiety away, assuming they’re going to die, and powering through until there’s time to work through it all (which of course never comes).

But it’s not all dark, as they also talk about how psychedelics, wilderness therapy, and long hikes have helped them reevaluate their lives, see themselves (and others) from different perspectives, and get to places of happiness (but with continued work). This is a candid glimpse into the camaraderie of vets, and their laughter and support of one another really drives home one of their main points: the importance of finding a community of people who support you, understand you, and don’t judge you.

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