In this episode of the podcast, Joe Moore interviews Clinical Professor at the University of Florida, College of Pharmacy: Oliver Grundmann, Ph.D. They discuss a substance that has been mentioned on the podcast, but never fully dissected: Mitragyna speciosa – otherwise known as kratom. And they cover it all: what to look for when purchasing kratom; possible risk factors and drug interactions; the contaminants most often seen; its history with the FDA; its safety profile; what the veins mean when people describe kratom as “red vein;” what is being researched today; how to safely explore kratom and monitor dosing; what the future could hold; and of course, the science behind how it works. Grundmann is currently analyzing Top Tree Herbs’ products to see how they differ from others, specifically looking at how much mitragynine people are actually getting when drinking a tea dissolved in water (vs. levels from the whole plant dissolved in methanol, which most current research shows).

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