In this episode of the podcast, Joe Moore revisits the topic of religion and psychedelics with two guests of different religions: Rabbi and founder and CEO of Shefa, Zac Kamenetz; and Episcopal priest and founding Executive Director of Ligare, Hunt Priest. Kamenetz and Priest both had catalyzing psychedelic experiences in research studies and are now each working to build a broad network of leaders and academics who are Jewish (through Zac’s website, Shefa) or Christian (through Hunt’s site, Ligare) to act as psychedelic societies and figure out the best protocols in which to authentically blend religious tradition and lessons into the psychedelic experience. They discuss the differences between how Christianity and Judaism talks about psychedelics; the Jewish Psychedelic Summit; why Christianity seems to be so far behind; the minimization of mystical experiences; the concepts of spiritual harm reduction and spiritual literacy; Rick Strassman, DMT, and prophecy; how religious tokens and symbols in psychedelic-assisted therapy can traumatize or influence an intended experience; spiritual emergency; and why serving others should be part of the integration experience.

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