In this episode of the podcast, Kyle Buller and David Drapkin interview Andrew Penn: nurse practitioner, Co-chair for Sana Symposium, Associate Clinical Professor at the University of California–San Francisco School of Nursing, and Co-founder of OPENurses; a professional organization for nurses interested in psychedelic research. Penn discusses how the only way to talk about psychedelics for therapeutic use in the old days was in a sidebar to speeches on drug abuse, why psychedelics and SSRIs may actually work together, microdosing and the placebo effect, how the placebo effect may play into other aspects of healthcare you might not have thought about, why psychedelics needs more skeptics, the importance of care in healthcare, and OPENurses (The Organization of Psychedelic and Entheogenic Nurses); which he co-founded to make sure more nurses were involved (and front-facing) in the psychedelic space.

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