In this episode of the podcast (and episode 3 of Vital Psychedelic Conversations), Kyle Buller interviews Kylea Taylor: M.S.; LMFT; Grof- certified holotropic breathwork practitioner; and author of several books, including her newest: The Ethics of Caring: Finding Right Relationship with Clients. She talks about learning breathwork from the Grofs at Esalen, working through her 5-year spiritual emergency, her work bringing breathwork to a residential substance abuse recovery program, and her InnerEthics program.
They also discuss how much the psychedelic community undervalues the reciprocity and knowledge one can gain from sitting for someone else; how our multiple selves complicate already-complicated relationships, having dreams about taking psychedelics; and three tools likely not yet mentioned in this podcast: Angie Arrien’s naming ceremony, soul collage, and brainspotting.

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