In this episode of Vital Psychedelic Conversations, Kyle Buller and David Drapkin interview the author of “No Bad Parts: Healing Trauma and Restoring Wholeness with the Internal Family Systems Model,” and the creator of the IFS model itself: Dr. Richard C. Schwartz. Schwartz discusses how IFS came about and what it entails; how he views the Self; how IFS relates to the body; the 8 Cs of self-leadership qualities; how to address the actions of one’s different parts; and how often people in psychedelic-assisted therapy sessions find themselves naturally thinking within the IFC framework. He also talks about the importance of preparation and facilitators knowing their own parts; his psychedelic history and why he’s no longer afraid of death; what he strives for in integration work; the 5 Ps facilitators need; Sandra Watanabe’s concept of a “cast of characters”; soul retrieval; starling murmuration; and the Pixar movie, “Inside Out.”

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