In this episode of the podcast, David Drapkin interviews lawyer, activist, and co-host of our Eyes on Oregon web series, Jon Dennis, Esq. Dennis has been heavily involved in Oregon’s Measure 109: creating the Entheogenic Practitioners Council of Oregon, writing a proposed regulatory framework for religious practice under Measure 109, and presenting to the psilocybin board subcommittees all in an effort to protect religious psilocybin use and ensure paywalls don’t ruin the unique and historic opportunity Oregon has opened up here. If you weren’t as knowledgeable about Measure 109 as you’d like to be, this podcast serves as a great summary of how we got here and what’s next, as he discusses how Measure 109 came about; the role of each subcommittee; Measure 110; who defines what counts as religious practice; the complications of requiring specific psilocybin testing; community support models as harm reduction; how it will become harder and harder to make good legal change in an emerging psychedelic industrial complex, and how he’s using the travails of María Sabina as an inspiration to make sure people aren’t left behind.

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