In this episode of the podcast, Joe Moore interviews retired Nurse Practitioner, Midwife, and Air Force Captain, Kimberly Juroviesky, who was forced to retire from her career and aspirations in the Air Force after she fell during a training exercise and again on ice months later, eventually realizing she had developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – a little understood condition where essentially, nerves continue to tell one’s brain that a healed injury should still hurt. After she tried ketamine and it cut her pain in half, she created the Ketamine Task Force to fight to get insurance to pay for ketamine (and eventually, other legalized psychedelics). She discusses CRPS and her path to ketamine; the redefining of “treatment-resistant”; the lack of knowledge from so many physicians about drug interactions and proper dosing; the utility, timing, and efficacy of each ketamine method; how chronic pain and suicidality are intertwined; and the relationship between the timing of ketamine sessions, improvements, and problems returning.

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