In this episode of the podcast, Joe Moore interviews cannabis expert and social ethnobotanist, Amanda Reiman, Ph.D., MSW. Reiman is the Founder of Personal Plants; an organization dedicated to promoting a deeper relationship between people and plants, and Co-Founder of Sacred Garden; a Web3 project which advocates for entheogenic plant conservation. She discusses the early days of growing cannabis; the pros and cons of pharmaceutical vs. herbal plant models; the rules around cannabis regulation and taxes; how the different consumption patterns of cannabis and psychedelics could lead to vastly different pharmaceutical models; and what she’d like to do to promote a better connection to plants: guided tours of sacred gardens in virtual reality. She discusses the endless possibilities of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other Web3 projects, and wonders if defense funds and clinical trials could soon be entirely crowd-funded and therefore taken out of the hands of venture capitalists and the government.

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