In this episode of the podcast, Joe Moore interviews Philip Wolf: Founder of Cultivating Spirits and Co-Founder of the Cannabis wedding Expo. Wolf’s work in cannabis has largely been in the form of “elevated dining,” but his current project is CashoM; a platform offering education for cannabis consumers, from beginners to connoisseurs, covering everything related to cannabis. He discusses the Wild West early days of recreational cannabis in Breckenridge; similarities between those days and what’s happening in Oregon with psilocybin; cannabis as medicine and the reframing of what “medicine” is; and the recent “deep dive into winter” he took by staying at a house alone in Wisconsin for 2 months. He also talks about the importance of sitting in a circle with a group, the need for integrity in all things, embracing uncertainty, and why we need challenging trips. There is no one tool, modality, or programmable set, setting, and dose that will work for everyone every time, but he believes the secret to making this all work is to find commonality between each other.

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