In this episode, Joe interviews the Co-Founder and CEO of Sensorium Therapeutics, Dick Simon. Sensorium was created to fully research plants and fungi that already have established efficacy – their goal being to have the largest collection of psychoactive plants, to use machine learning to figure out exactly which molecules are doing what, to then synthesize new drugs that are safe and effective, and eventually bring these new compounds through the FDA approval process. Simon talks about how so much of what we know to be effective and beneficial is based on assumptions or best guesses, and while that doesn’t discredit very real benefits, it does beg the question: Is this all optimized as best as it could be? He also discusses how recent advances in neuroscience and technology are catalyzing molecular research; the benefits and challenges of nutraceuticals; geopolitical conflict resolution; the challenges of benzodiazepines; and the problem with people needing to be treatment-resistant or seriously ill to gain access to psychedelics. He hopes that what Sensorium Therapeutics learns over the coming years will help bring better medicines to more people.

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