In this episode, David Drapkin interviews Lauren Katalinich and Anya Oleksiuk of the Psychedelic Society; a London-based website and educational platform that runs events and focuses on building the community so many people need after having a psychedelic experience. They discuss how sharing circles, integration techniques, the support of an understanding and knowledgeable community, and non-psychedelic practices like meditation, gong baths, and ecstatic dance have helped people to continue their “inside-out journey.” They talk about psychedelic acceptance vs. drug policy in the UK; the difficulties and amazing benefits of running a Teal organization; their recent Drug Policy Symposium and Oleksiuk’s goal of organizing a ‘women in psychedelics’ conference; and her in-progress documentary, The Psychedelic Renaissance – a film that began as a campaign to remove stigma and help legalize and mainstream psychedelics, but has turned into a project more focused on harm reduction, the dangers of over-hype, and the worries so many of us have about psychedelics becoming a luxury product only for the rich.

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