In this episode, David Drapkin interviews Joost Breeksema: philosopher, researcher, and Executive Director of the OPEN Foundation, which manages the Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research (ICPR) – Europe’s longest-running conference on psychedelics. This year’s conference is taking place at the Philharmonie Haarlem (just outside Amsterdam) from September 21st to the 24th, with two large focuses being the discussion of how science, ethics, and business interact with highly scientific academic research, and looking at clinical perspectives in comparison to patient perspectives. There is also an extra day dedicated more to business-orientated matters, as well as having workshops on music, breathwork, and psychotherapy and psychedelics. He discusses his concerns over psychedelic infrastructure scaling too quickly and people not being adequately trained; drug policy in the Netherlands, coffee shops, and the interesting loophole with psychedelic truffles; how harm reduction approaches actually work; and finding the proper balance between hype and hope.

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