In this episode, David Drapkin interviews globally-recognized cannabis activist, author, entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster, and “father of the legal cannabis industry,” Steve DeAngelo. DeAngelo was integral in the beginning of cannabis legalization in California, playing a role in the passage of Prop 64 and co-founding one of the first six dispensaries licensed in the US (Harborside). He talks about why the DEA is the way that it is; how cannabis feels to many like a (much needed) female energy; the default mode network and the endocannabinoid system; the concept of “the stoner epiphany”; decriminalization; how we’ve removed the divine from everything; and how the lessons psychedelics and cannabis are telling us are slowly changing society into one that cares about the environment and is more open, loving, and empathetic. DeAngelo is currently in Jamaica, working to help people (specifically Rastafarians) get involved in the legal cannabis industry, and heading up The Last Prisoner Project, which fights for the release of people in prison for cannabis offenses.

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