In this episode, Kyle Buller interviews Clinical Psychologist and Founder of the Psychedelic Society of Vermont, Dr. Rick Barnett, PsyD. This episode was recorded shortly after the Psychedelic Science & Spirituality Summit (which was hosted by Barnett’s Psychedelic Society of Vermont), so they reflect a bit on the conference, but most of their conversation revolves around exploring the various contexts of use around psychedelics – how our current paradigm of a heavy focus on medicalization and treatment of disorders misses a huge portion of real-world use: self-improvement, ceremonial, celebratory/recreational, and to even help with addictions. They discuss MAPS and MDMA use for PTSD; psilocybin for end-of-life depression and alcohol use disorder; ibogaine for getting off opiates; Chris Bache, high dose LSD sessions, and preparing for death; Jon Dennis’ fight for religious use of psychedelics; decriminalization vs. legalization; how there’s really no wrong door when it comes to how one uses psychedelics (as long as safe and respectful), and more!

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