In this week’s Solidarity Fridays episode, Joe Moore and Kyle Buller discuss psychedelic research company, Numinus, being granted approval by Health Canada to study MDMA-assisted therapy. And later, they discuss Michael Pollan’s books, opium, and mescaline. And they report on the launch of The Psychae Institute, a $40m psychedelic medicine institute in Melbourne that will be studying MDMA and likely DMT (which would somehow only be the second study?!). But most of this episode centers around two topics that keep coming up: first, sexual ethics and power dynamics within the facilitator-experiencer relationship, and second: why do we mistrust big corporations and big pharma so much, when many of us can thank them for saving our lives? This leads down many roads: Peter Thiel, Fauci, SB-519 possession limits, the social contract, why lying is sometimes necessary, and more!

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