In this week’s Solidarity Fridays episode, Joe Moore and Kyle Buller are joined by lawyer and lead Policy Council at MAPS, Ismail L. Ali. There has admittedly been some confusion in the teams’ past coverage of Scott Wiener’s Senate Bill 519, and Ali digs into it in depth: how it sets the groundwork for future reforms, why they went a different direction than Oregon, how MAPS has been involved, why the bill has changed (concerning expungement, ketamine, and possession limits), what lawmakers are most concerned about, Decriminalize Nature’s issues with the bill, and what he hopes comes next. He also talks about his path towards psychedelics and his family history with ayahuasca and facilitation, his concerns over monopolies and repeating the mistakes of the cannabis industry, what he’d like to see replace D.A.R.E., drug exceptionalism, and the importance of recognizing celebratory drug use as a legitimate healing tool.

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