In this episode, Joe Moore and Kyle Buller discuss the birth of these Solidarity Friday episodes, revisit the Instagram comments from Decriminalize Nature over the last few weeks, look at possession limits from the “decriminalization with possession limits is an oxymoron” perspective, and talk about how Scott Wiener seems to have willingly paused the movement on SB-519 until next year. And they talk about a lot more: the lesser-known 9/20 holiday and our upcoming huge giveaway (stay tuned), the concept of naturalistic fallacy and the problem of determining what is natural, how there are great aspects to religion but people are often turned off by the religious parts, the scalability of drugs and its effect on the environment, Robert Anton Wilson’s idea of reality tunnels, the importance of taking a multi-context approach to psychedelics, and Rick Doblin’s recent op-ed about how not enough doctors are prepared for the psychedelic wave we’re currently being swept up in (which we’ve been saying since we created our Navigating Psychedelics course to address that very need- thanks for the support, Rick!).

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