In this week’s Solidarity Fridays episode, Joe Moore and Kyle Buller sit down for a discussion spanning spiritual emergence, the concept of the transpersonal, and a simple but huge question (as it relates to psychedelics and self-work): What is healing? Is the psychedelic experience always healing? What needs to be done to turn traumatic experiences into catalysts? Is it fair to relate the psychedelic experience and post-experience integration work to surgery and the body healing on its own? Can we create a realistic and affordable model for retreat centers with built-in, long-term, communal support systems? How do we know when to trust the radical insights psychedelics may steer us toward? And they discuss the difference between spiritual emergence and spiritual emergency, Ben Sessa’s idea of MDMA as an antibiotic for psychiatry, Erik Davis and the mysticism in Grateful Dead lyrics, the challenge of earthly expectations, and the concept of a spiritual quest itself as healing.

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