In this week’s Solidarity Fridays episode, Joe Moore and Kyle Buller discuss Seattle’s recent unanimous vote to decriminalize the cultivation and sharing of psilocybin, ayahuasca, and non-peyote-derived mescaline; and then look at the flip side of this win: Santa Cruz removing all mescaline-containing cacti from their decriminalization law put into place two years ago. And they wonder: Is San Pedro actually what could keep many people from eating the more endangered peyote? Are massive greenhouses growing as much peyote as possible the solution? They then talk about the closing of the dark web marketplace, White House Market, and the dark web in general: How it democratizes access to drugs, how huge it is for harm-reduction, and how these things will never truly go away due to the innovation that comes from prohibition. They also discuss Joe recently recording with Hamilton Morris, South African quaaludes, Will Smith coming out of the psychedelic closet, Delta-8, what “legal” really means, and the “Operation: Fast and Furious” blunder and the many ways our tax dollars are making cartels richer.

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