In this week’s Solidarity Fridays episode, David Drapkin first interviews psychiatrist, researcher, drug policy reform advocate, and Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Awakn Life Sciences, Dr. Ben Sessa. They discuss their frustration with the current maintenance-medication state of psychiatry and addiction treatment, drug policy in the UK, and the impressive results from the world’s first MDMA-assisted psychotherapy study to treat alcohol-use disorder. Then, in part 2, David and Kyle Buller speak with Director, CEO, and Chairman of Mydecine Innovations Group, Josh Bartch. Bartch discusses Mydecine’s compound, MYCO-001, which will be used in the first NIDA-funded study in nearly 50 years: a smoking cessation study headed up by Dr. Matthew Johnson. He discusses their app, Mindleap Health; the amazing efficacy of psilocybin on smoking cessation; microdosing; and the importance he places on reframing how psychedelics are viewed in order to inspire greater public adoption.

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