psychedelic capital february 2021 magicmed algernon pharmaceuticals lobe sciences

To attend the world’s premiere psychedelic due diligence conference exploring the clinical, research, and investment landscapes of the modern psychedelic renaissance, make sure to grab your ticket to Psychedelic Capital, taking place this Thursday, February 25th, 2021.


Investor money is rapidly flowing into the burgeoning psychedelic medicine sector, making a massive impact on capital markets. In February, Psychedelic Capital, the world’s premier due diligence conference for psychedelic medicine, will investigate the source of this capital and its influence on the greater renaissance. Brought to you by Microdose, The Conscious Fund, and our esteemed partners, MagicMed Industries, Algernon Pharmaceuticals Inc., and Lobe Sciences. This month’s conference will provide unique and innovative insights into the evolving investment landscape for psychedelics by world-leading experts in the space.

psychedelic capital february 2021 magicmed algernon pharmaceuticals lobe sciences

The Recent Reddit Revolution Suggests Psychedelic Drug Development Will Be Continue to Be Championed By the People

As was witnessed by the cannabis sector in its early days, the expansion of psychedelic medicine is poised to proliferate through the power of the people. As demonstrated by the recent short-selling of GameStop, and the social media Reddit revolution that preceded and powered it, the people (i.e. the average retail investor) continues to be a powerful catalyst for the rise of nascent industries. When these industries primarily offer goods and services that are largely illegal around the globe, some genuinely fascinating nuances arise. Indeed, exploring this theme will be the primary focus of this February 2021 Psychedelic Capital conference. 

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psychedelic capital february 2021 magicmed algernon pharmaceuticals lobe sciences

Psychedelic Derivatives, Biopharmaceuticals & Clinical Stage Drug Development: The PsyCap Sponsor Snapshot

In addition to the engaging panels exploring retail versus institutional investment, this month’s Psychedelic Capital conference features the progressive companies leading the charge in the psychedelic space. Psychedelic derivative drug designers, MagicMed Industries, will open the event with the first presentation of the day given by their CEO, Dr. Joseph Tucker. He had this to say about the upcoming event:

“We are pleased to present at the upcoming Psychedelic Capital conference focused on psychedelic investment insights. Our team continues to advance the creation and patenting of psychedelics-derivatives for MagicMed’s molecular derivatives library, the Psybrary™. We look forward to providing our current investor base and new potential shareholders with significant updates, including regarding our anticipated listing.” – Dr. Joseph Tucker


Also in the lineup of significant sponsor presentations is Algernon Pharmaceuticals, who is working to fast track drug development in psychedelics, and Lobe Sciences, an innovative team developing novel psychedelic therapeutics and delivery devices. 

psychedelic capital february 2021 magicmed algernon pharmaceuticals lobe sciences

More About Psychedelic Capital &  A Look Ahead 

Our expertly curated, investor tailored event series takes place on a robust digital platform allowing for maximum engagement and the best user experience. Presentations are 30 minutes in length, with 10 minutes always allocated to a one-on-one Q&A session with the audience. Psychedelic Capital always features the top companies, latest IPOs, newest opportunities and deepest insights into the emerging psychedelic space. Live networking with all the attendees is available prior and during the event. As the modern psychedelic renaissance continues to inspire awe and genuine investor interest, understanding the fundamental role of retail investors and institutional investors will only grow more necessary. Grab your ticket to Psychedelic Capital and become a better educated psychedelic investor today!

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