In today’s episode, Kyle Buller interviews anthropologist, author, ethnomycologist, and now co-designer of the new Psychedelics Today course (beginning October 26th), “Psychedelics: Past, Present, and Future”: Jerry B. Brown, Ph.D. This podcast serves as a brief overview of what the course goes much further into, from the landmark psychedelic events that brought us here, the current models of psychedelic-assisted therapy, and the many career avenues that have opened up (and will continue to open up) as a result of this renaissance. He discusses Albert Hofmann’s synthesis of LSD, Stan Grof’s first psilocybin experience, the Nixon administration and the beginnings of the drug war, Roland Griffiths and Walter Pahnke (and Rick Doblin’s follow-up research), the early end-of-life cancer and psilocybin study, the creation of the Mystical Experience Questionnaire, the concerns over Compass Pathways and patent law, and how Gordon Watson’s betrayal of María Sabina mirrors a lot of what’s going on today between Indigenous tradition and the Western money grab. And he gives a very detailed description of his life-changing psilocybin journey that led him to the discovery of his soul’s code.

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