In this episode, Joe Moore interviews Alex Enchin & Ian-Michael Hébert, MA; Co-Founders of HOLOS, a company building hospitality wellness centers with a strong focus on community, reconnection to nature, and a return to wholeness. HOLOS wants to be the place where the biggest psychedelic figureheads visit to relax, commune, and do their own work; to then spread that energy to their individual communities. And, as there isn’t much of an entry point to psychedelic medicine, their next step is to develop a boutique, hotel-like wellness center for those who may not yet be ready for a psychedelic experience; to either prepare them for the next step, or to show that nature and community may be all they really need. They talk about our need for community and how HOLOS was born; viewing wellness centers and scalability differently; Stan Grof’s perinatal matrices; consciousness; transpersonal psychology; nondualism; how viewing Mount Denali can be a psychedelic experience; and what “returning to wholeness” really means.

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