In this week’s Solidarity Fridays episode, Joe Moore and Kyle Buller talk about the origin of Psychedelics Today and the first version of Navigating Psychedelics, how the limitations of humanistic psychology led to the creation of transpersonal psychology, what the term “transpersonal” entails, how different ecosystems demand different rules, the concept of negentropy, William James, the logistics of reincarnation, why it’s wrong to dismiss archetypal astrology, the idea of healing as a side effect of exploration, and the difficulty of creating a training manual for something as relational and process-oriented as Holotropic breathwork or psychedelic therapy. And they talk about their goals with Psychedelics Today, like learning to work with the nuance and wild complexity that lives in all parts of this psychedelic renaissance, remembering to live passionately and not fall into a capitalistic rat race, and most importantly, doing their best to work together with everyone else in this space to make this more of a community.

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