In this week’s Solidarity Fridays episode, Kyle Buller discusses Hulu’s show, Nine Perfect Strangers with previous guest, Dr. Ido Cohen.
If you haven’t watched the Nine Perfect Strangers yet (warning, this episode includes spoilers!), Dr. Cohen and Kyle discuss the ethics of space holding and facilitating psychedelic experiences. They discuss the role of community and accountability when abuse is happening within healing containers – whether at a retreat or in the larger community. For those of us doing our own healing, how do we develop boundaries on saying no when something doesn’t feel right, but letting those boundaries down when they take away something meaningful or helpful? How do we learn to discern when the space isn’t more important than abuse within it? How do we distinguish between a desire for healing and a desperation for it? Being an advocate for safety in this space is so important. The hope at the least is that these events and shows like 9 Perfect Strangers, opens space for us to think together as a community and create more integrity, support, and honesty around psychedelic retreats for facilitators, and for us to become more empowered to acknowledge in ourselves when to draw the line when we don’t feel safe and ultimately, learn what a safe container looks like for our own, and collective healing.

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